Judge Moshe Jacobius

Accolades: The Chicago Council of Lawyers has previously said of Judge Moshe Jacobius: “Judge Jacobius is highly regarded by Judges and attorneys.  He is called dignified, professional, honest; and has integrity. He is praised as a supervisor and as a mentor.”

Judicial Experience: Judge Moshe Jacobius was appointed to the bench in 1991.  In 1994, he was elected to a six-year term as a Circuit Court Judge from the 9th Judicial Sub-circuit.  Judge Jacobius was assigned to the Domestic Relations Division from January, 1991 to February, 2000.  From February, 2000 to July, 2000, was assigned the Chancery Division. From July, 2000 to December, 2010 was Presiding Judge of the Domestic Relations Division. From December, 2010 to present, he is the Presiding Judge of the Chancery Division.  The Presiding Judge administers the Division and supervises the Judges in the Division.

Legal Experience: Prior to becoming a Judge, Judge Moshe Jacobius began his legal career in 1974 as a law clerk for the Office of the Illinois Attorney General and worked his way up through the ranks in that office.  Judge Jacobius had 16 year career as a litigator in the Office of the Illinois Attorney General handling some of the most difficult and sensitive cases in the office and serving three Illinois Attorneys General.  He was formerly the head of the Worker’s Compensation Division of the Office as well as the head of the General Law Division.  The General Law Division is the civil litigation arm of the office.  It handles the vast majority of the civil litigation in the office, including the most sensitive and complex litigation.  In his capacity of Chief of General Law, Judge Jacobius supervised 40 attorneys.  In 1988, he was named as Counsel to the Illinois Attorney General.  He advised the Attorney General on major litigation and legislation in the office, handled special projects and was liaison to the National Association of Attorneys General and to the American Bar Association.

Education: DePaul Law School (J.D.); University of Illinois (M.A.); University of Illinois (B.A.);

Awards: Illinois Judicial Counsel Meritorious Service Award (2000); Center for Church/State Studies John Courtney Murray Award (2002); North Suburban Bar Association Most Distinguished Judge of the Year (2008); Decalogue Society of Lawyers Lifetime Achievement Award (2008); Decalogue Society of Lawyers Hebrew University Fellowship Award (2010); Advocates Society President’s Award (2011); Jewish Judges Association Seymour Simon Justice Award (2011); Arab American Bar Association Distinguished Service Award (2012); Unity Award Dinner Advocates for Diversity Award (2017)

Membership: Illinois State Bar Association (Member); Illinois Judges Association (Member); Illinois Judicial Council (Member); Decalogue Society of Lawyers (Member); Jewish Judge’s Association (Member and Past President 2013-2014); Jewish Judge’s Foundation (President)

Other:  Prior to becoming a Judge, Judge Jacobius was a public school teacher.  He drove a cab while attending law school.  Has has been married to Rina for forty years and is the proud grandfather of twelve grandkids.