Judge James M. McGing

Accolades: The Chicago Council of Lawyers has said that “Judge McGing is praised as having good legal ability and for being fair and respectful to all those who appear before him. He is considered to have a good temperament and for his courtroom management skills. He issues detailed written opinions.” The Chicago Bar Association has said that “Judge McGing is experienced in both civil and criminal law… Judge McGing writes a significant number of opinions in his current assignment and is well regarded for his work ethic and knowledge of the law.”

Judicial Experience: Judge James M. McGing was elected to the bench in 2006 and retained by voters in 2012 to a second six year term.  Judge McGing is assigned to the Law Division, Tax and Miscellaneous Section, where he hears cases related to: Eminent Domain, Replevin & Detinue, Challenges to most variety of non-property taxes, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Gaming Device Taxes, including constitutional challenges, Employment and Housing Discrimination, Workers’ Compensation Appeals, Unemployment Benefits and Employer Insurance Rate Challenges, Arbitration Enforcement Awards, Confessions of Judgment and other remedies. His previous judicial assignments include Law Division Jury Section where he presided over many medical negligence, wrongful death and construction accident cases. Prior to that, he presided over the Public Nuisance Call with Demolition and Lien matters in the Housing Section.

Legal Experience: Prior to becoming a judge, Judge McGing worked as a partner at a private firm handling Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury matters. He also served as the Director of Organized Crime Intelligence for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and was the Director at the Cook County Department of Corrections, Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Legislative Affairs as well as a legal counsel to the Sheriff.

Education: DePaul University Law School (J.D.); DePaul University (B.A.); St. Patrick High School, Chicago

Membership: Chicago Bar Association (Chairman of the Municipal and Law Division Committee 2008-present)