Punch Each Number to Vote “YES” to Retain Qualified Judges

You may also download the list to print and take to your polling place.

(201) Yes Aurelia Marie Pucinski
(203) Yes Mary Katherine Rochford
(205) Yes Michael P. Toomin
(207) Yes James Patrick Flannery, Jr.
(209) Yes Mary Ellen Coghlan
(211) Yes Shelley Lynn Sutker-Dermer
(215) Yes Kenneth J. Wadas
(217) Yes Gregory J. Wojkowski
(219) Yes Robert E. Gordon
(221) Yes Lewis Nixon
(223) Yes Margaret Ann Brennan
(225) Yes Janet Adams Brosnahan
(227) Yes Peter A. Felice
(229) Yes Kerry M. Kennedy
(231) Yes Casandra Lewis
(235) Yes Laura Marie Sullivan
(237) Yes Raul Vega
(239) Yes Michael B. Hyman
(241) Yes Joan E. Powell
(243) Yes Patrick J. Sherlock
(245) Yes Maureen Ward Kirby
(247) Yes Edward A. Arce
(249) Yes James N. O’Hara
(253) Yes Thomas J. Byrne
(255) Yes Ann Collins-Dole
(257) Yes Donna L. Cooper
(259) Yes Anna Helen Demacopoulos
(261) Yes Diana L. Kenworthy
(263) Yes Pamela Elizabeth Loza
(265) Yes Jackie Marie Portman-Brown
(269) Yes Dominique C. Ross
(271) Yes Kristyna Colleen Ryan
(273) Yes Debra B. Walker
(275) Yes Ursula Walowski
(277) Yes Anthony C. “Tony” Kyriakopoulos
(279) Yes Caroline Kate Moreland
(281) Yes Thomas J. Carroll
(283) Yes Cynthia Y. Cobbs
(285) Yes Daniel J. Kubasiak
(287) Yes Andrea M. Buford
(289) Yes Pamela McLean Meyerson
(291) Yes Chris Lawler
(293) Yes John Michael Allegretti
(295) Yes Kristal Rivers
(297) Yes Steven G. Watkins
(299) Yes Abbey Fishman Romanek
(301) Yes William B. Raines
(303) Yes Judith Rice
(305) Yes Patrick Kevin Coughlin
(307) Yes John Curry
(309) Yes Megan Elizabeth Goldish
(311) Yes Anjana Hansen
(313) Yes Robert D. Kuzas
(315) Yes John J. Mahoney
(317) Yes Maritza Martinez
(319) Yes Terrence J. McGuire
(321) Yes Bridget Anne Mitchell
(323) Yes James Paul Pieczonka
(325) Yes Diana Rosario
(327) Yes Patricia O’Brien Sheahan