Judicial Candidate

Judge Raul Vega was first elected a Cook County Circuit Court Judge in November of 2002. Prior to that he practiced law for 20 years as a solo practitioner. He was assigned to the Domestic Relations Division for approximately 16 years. While in the Domestic Relations Division he heard post-decree divorce cases exclusively, until February of 2018. In September of 2018, he became the Presiding Judge of the Domestic Violence Division. He has been the Presiding Judge of the Domestic Violence Division for approximately two-years. As Presiding Judge of the Domestic Violence Division he oversees 14 judges at the Domestic Violence Courthouse and in all of the five district courts. As Presiding Judge, he has established two new civil courtroom calls and oversees the four civil calls as well as the five criminal courtrooms at 555 W. Harrison.

Judge Vega has overseen the operation of the Domestic Violence Courthouse since the partial shutdown of March 17 of 2020. Under his leadership his courthouse has continued to hear in-person Emergency Orders of Protection via Zoom, as well as Bond Court every day. From July 6th, Judge Vega has implemented a system by which all judges’ court calls are heard via remote Zoom, thereby facilitating the operation of the courtrooms.