Judge Cassandra Lewis

Judge Casandra Lewis, a native Chicagoan, serves as a Cook County Circuit Court Judge.  She presides in a civil law jury courtroom hearing medical malpractice cases and personal injury cases involving catastrophic injury.  In the spring of 2009, Judge Lewis received a written commendation for dramatically reducing the caseload in her courtroom.   In May of 2011, she was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court during an induction ceremony held in Washington, DC.

Prior to being elected to the bench in 2002, Judge Lewis practiced law for 12 years, specializing in criminal and family law.  She began her legal career as an Assistant State’s Attorney.  Eventually, she left the public sector and established her own firm.  Judge Lewis has been a presenter at symposiums and seminars sponsored by organizations such as the National Business Institute and the Church of God in Christ, Inc. Department of Women’s Coalition of Female Judges and Lawyers.  She has also participated in numerous community based forums and workshops in an effort to educate the general public about our system of jurisprudence. Judge Lewis has been featured in the Second, Third and Fourth Editions of Who’s Who in Black Chicago.  In April of 2018, Judge Lewis was a recipient of the Chicago Defender’s Women of Excellence Award.

Judge Lewis is an active member of many legal and judicial organizations and has been particularly active with the Illinois Judicial Council and the National Association of Women Judges.  She has held various positions in the Illinois Judicial Council, including secretary of the Council’s Taskforce on Liberia; assistant treasurer; and assistant secretary of the organization.  Additionally, for several years she served as the Coordinator of the Law Day Program which provides inner-city high school students with the opportunity to shadow judges for a day.  Judge Lewis was the recipient of the Chairperson’s Award in 2005, 2007 and 2012 in recognition of her outstanding work with the organization.  She also received the Meritorious Award in 2008.

Judge Lewis has been equally active with the National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ).  In October of 2017, Judge Lewis was elected as the Director of District Eight (KY, IL and IN) of NAWJ.  She also served on the Planning Committee for the 2016 Mid-Year Conference held in Brooklyn, New York and served as the Chairperson of the Keynote Luncheon.

Judge Lewis is a member of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ located in Chicago and has held many offices and positions in her church on the local, jurisdictional and national levels.  Some of the highlights of her church service include the following:  Founding Coordinator of the Jurisdictional Women’s Weekend Retreat; Assistant Coordinator of the National Bible Bowl for the Purity Class (Youth Program); and chair of the editorial board of the Educational Committee of the International Department of Women. Additionally, Judge Lewis was honored to be among the delegates in attendance at the Constitutional Convention of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. held in St. Louis, Missouri in September of 2003.  In 2011, Judge Lewis and executives from the International Department of Women established the International Department of Women Grievance Committee.  Also in 2011, Judge Lewis was appointed as the Chairperson of the Judiciary Subcommittee of the Constitution Committee of the General Assembly.  In 2018, Judge Lewis was appointed as the Director of Programming of the COGIC Alliance of Female Judges and Attorneys.